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Did You Launch Your Business or Did You Just Join a Company?

Hello there good people. I want to talk to the new network marketers out there. Some of you are cheating yourselves. You are not taking advantage of everything that is required of having a legitimate business online. Some of you are just sitting there, hoping that money is going to fall in your lap and you are thinking that you don’t have to do much of anything because your business is online. Well guess what, folks, you’re 100% WRONG!!!

Just because your business is online doesn’t mean that you should do less work than you would a regular job. The problem most new online marketers have is starting their business- getting their business off the ground. So the topic of discussion today is “Did you launch your business or did you just join a company?”

Now, everyone knows that there are a lot of MLM (multi- level marketing) companies out there that encourage new members to join. However, once that person joins the company, he/she does little or nothing until maybe the 25th of the month and then does 5 days worth of work and quits on the 30th day because they claim to have made no money. I call these type of people flippant and I have no sympathy for them. As an online marketer, I have heard every excuse in the book from my downlines of multiple companies. They are all the same:

“oh, i just don’t have time”

“everybody thinks it’s a scam”

“nobody wants to join”

“I don’t know how to sell”

“i don’t really like talking to people”

“if i have a home meeting, they might rob me”

STOP WITH THE EXCUSES ALREADY!! You need to gain some accountability and control over your situation. Hoping and praying that money will fall in your lap is almost impossible. “Faith without work is dead”- James 2:26. So if any of you are thinking about joining a company, there are a few things you need to remember and pass along to your downline.

Launch your business the correct way. You need to tell everyone about your business. When you join, most sponsors will tell you to make a list of your friends and family. But I would say that you need to make a list consisting of more people than that. Tell EVERYBODY  about your business. This is what you would consider your grand opening. See, if you were to start a ‘brick and mortar’ business such as a restaurant, you wouldn’t just tell your friends and family now would you? Of course not! At least I hope you wouldn’t. The key here is to act like the CEO of a million dollar company. Just because you may have paid a few dollars to join the company, doesn’t mean that you have to put a few dollars worth of work into the company. Launch parties are also good ideas. Now, this party doesn’t have to be the stuffy, boring, party where you invite friends over just to watch a lame video about the company you joined. BOOOOO!! That’s a quick way to turn your guests off. Instead, why don’t you have a themed grand opening party. Have Sangria Sundays or Latina Lunes, or Taco Tuesday, or Wild Wings Wednesday (Don’t steal my ideas- they are copywritten…I’m kidding lol) But just liven it up a bit and don’t make yourself seem so anxious to make money because people can sense the desperation.

Create some hours of operation. This is something that every business has, so why should you make an exception for your online business? Your hours don’t have to be “Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm” no. This is just a schedule for YOU! Choose your times wisely. Make note of when you are going to post on your social media sites. When are you going to blog? What days will you have your home meetings? When is your company’s next conference going to be? What time should you be on your company’s training calls? What days will you do webinars? Etc, etc, etc. Type your schedule out and hang it on your wall.

Understand that your business is going to have expenses. Referencing the ‘”Cashflow Quadrant” from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you are now on the right side of the quadrant and you are considered a business owner and an investor. People on the right side of that quadrant don’t complain about tiny costs, especially when they know that that tiny investment will potentially earn them millions. A broke person always asks, “How much is this going to COST me?” but entrepreneurs always ask, “how much is this going to MAKE me?” It is imperative that you start thinking like an entrepreneur or will fail!!!

Last. but not least, GOALS. You have to set up a forecast. If you can’t see where your business is going or where it’s going to be within the next year, why should anybody follow you? Why should anybody believe in you or what you are promoting? Set an example for your downline. If you choose to do a vlog challenge, let that very first video be your ‘why’. Let the world know why you decided to start your own business. And don’t just say its because you need money- duh! That’s just like going on an interview and giving that exact same stupid answer. Make your ‘why’ compelling because I’m pretty sure there are thousands of people that share your sentiments. Or maybe someone will want to live vicariously. Hey, give them a reason to want to walk in your shoes. Always remember that it’s not about you and it’s not about making money. It’s about helping others.

“You can have everything in life you want if you would just help enough other people get what they want”- Zig Ziglar


Middle class underestimates the wealth building power of referral marketing… WORLD CLASS knows referral marketing creates millionaires

The masses have been ridiculing and criticizing referral marketers for over 50 years. Meanwhile; these highly trained, ferociously dedicated army of entrepreneurs have amassed billions in collective wealth. Their industry includes network/multi-level marketing, direct sales, party/event marketing, affiliate programs and others. Referral marketers don’t have fancy titles or corner offices. Some have mas- ter’s degrees and Ph.D’s, and others are high school dropouts. Their backgrounds span the spectrum and have few common denomina- tors, save one: heart. You don’t have to have an Ivy League education or a million-dollar portfolio to be successful in referral marketing, but you do have to have the heart of a lion. I’ve delivered speeches on mental toughness to some of the most prestigious audiences in the world. I’ve served on boards and committees with executives, movie stars, and even the President of the United States. I have interviewed hundreds of the wealthiest people in the world. After all this experi- ence with and exposure to some of the best and brightest society has to offer, I can state emphatically that referral marketers are the most mentally tough business people on the planet. I’ve had tens of thousands of them in my audiences, and I’ve come to respect this group of freedom fighters like no other. When it comes to mental toughness, they are in a league of their own. They start their business with a few bucks in their pocket and a dream in their heart. Most start out part-time while still employed, and burn the candle at both ends kick- ing, scratching and fighting for their freedom. They are often jeered, scorned and criticized by the masses, yet they keep moving forward boldly and fearlessly like a locomotive thundering down the track. You can mentally beat them, kick them, and discourage them, and they just keep coming back for more. It is easy to ridicule someone chasing success who has not made it yet, and the masses do. The irony is, the general public’s rejection of referral marketers is what eventually makes them so mentally tough! By the time they’ve been rejected a thousand times, it no longer matters. The emotional pain they experience in the early days of recruiting and selling is erased and replaced by the realization that their ability to get rejected and persist is the reason they are able to earn millions of dollars doing it. They awaken to the idea that if you remove rejection from the equa- tion, you remove the opportunity to be rich. Once this paradigm shift occurs, the referral marketer begins to see recruiting and selling as a game, and the more they play, the richer they get. Referral marketing is the best chance for the average person to start a business for a few hundred dollars that has the potential to make them a millionaire, and more people are seeing that every day.

Siebold, Steve. How Rich People Think. Ch17 (45)

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Message for Serious Minded Network Marketers

I advise all serious minded Network Marketers to watch this video to it’s entirety! Robert Kiyosaki gives an inspirational message about his very own Cashflow Quadrant. This seperates the point guards from the benchwarmers 😉


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Difference Between Pyramid Schemes and Multi-level Marketing

Lets Talk About Mula!


Ok. I’ve been hearing a myriad of things people are saying surrounding allegations about all network business opportunities being pyramid schemes. But not all network marketing companies are scams. Perhaps, if you do not understand what a pyramid scheme is, PLEASE let me enlighten you 😉

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is defined as an unsustainable business model that involves promising members  services primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

Associations have been made between pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing because of words such as “downline”, “upselling”, “compensation plans”, etc. But I assure you that these two phrases are two completely different things. A pyramid scheme has no products, period. Their sole purpose is to recruit people to invest in an opportunity to recruit more people, luring you in with a low-cost start up fee. For this reason, pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL!


What is multi level marketing?

Multi level marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy where the sales force is compensated for sales they personally generate and for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

The main focus of an MLM is to sell a product or service, not to recruit new members. Most compensation plans of Network Marketing appears as a pyramid because of low advertising costs. Multilevel [Network] Marketing is advertised through word of mouth or NETWORKING and usually sold through referrals. Instead of paying for media advertising, MLMs reward their members with commissions in return for selling the products of the business. Every MLM’s compensation plan is different. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are a starter of the company or a beginner in the industry. EVERYBODY has a fair shot at making money. It just depends on your determination, persistance, and self motivation.


What is a “Get Rich Quick” scheme?

A “get rich quick” scheme is exactly what it sounds like. It is a scheme masked as a business opportunity to make easy money quickly. Any company that offers you quick money for doing nothing or close to nothing is a lie. Nothing in life is that easy, sp be prepared to work diligently. Quote —->> If it’s too good to be true, it probably is 😉


How can I tell the difference between a legal MLM and and an illegal pyramid scheme? 

Well the first thing you must always do no matter what company you want to associate yourself with is DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Moreover, here are some questions you can ask either yourself or the company (upline or sponsor) upon joining…

~Can you make a sustainable profit from just selling the products without having to recruit a single person?

~Are they selling legitimate, quality products that are useful?

~How much of the product is sold to retailers (customers who are not distributors)?

~How long does it take tomake money and how many people do you need to recruit to make money?

~What’s the failure rate and average compensation for p/t-f/t involvement?

~Do they provide good training?

~How long has the company been around?


Be an intelligent entrepreneur and consider this article when are fishing for your next Internet Marketing company. Always ask these questions so you won’t get scamed out of your money. Always remember that anything worth having involves hard work. Go get your beach mansion…


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Oprah Understands Network Marketing. Do you?

“The Millionaire School Teacher” explains to Oprah why network marketing is the difference between a rich person’s mindset and a poor person’s mindset.

Never work for money. Make money work for you.



What do the rich teach their children that the poor and middle class do not?

Investments and Assets! There is a huge difference between investments and assets. Many people don’t even understand what either of these are because they were never introduced or even exposed to this vernacular. An ASSET is anything that you own. An INVESTMENT is an ASSET that you buy in hopes of generating an income (sort of like gambling lol)

Paul Roger took $300 and started his own home-based business. By doing this, he was able to gain control of his taxes and was able to buy more and more assets (which is what you want), then he flipped foreclosed houses.

There are two kinds of money problems: Not enough money and too much money. Giving money to a poor person is what keeps them poor. I think the main problem for poor families is that parents tell their kids to stop dreaming. Society wants us to work hard and do our best so that we can get a job we hate and work for someone else, struggling to pay bills, while the CEOs and Exec VP’s are living lavishly.

Society always tells us to go to college, get good grades, have good internships so we can get good jobs. Why? So that the world can chew us up and spit us right back out. 83 percent of all college students DO NOT have jobs lined up. So while we spend $50,000+ on college tuition, plus another $10,000 on food/meal plans, plus another $5,000+ on books, on top of another $12,000 on living expenses, how much are we getting paid in return? $0.00. WAKE UP! Almost every student goes to college right after high school and they choose a major that does not have a decent return on investment, but how would they know that? They are too busy feeding into what society says that college leads to more opportunities. What opportunities? Unemployment?

I’m not saying don’t go to college; I graduated college. I’m simply saying, while you are in college, take two hours out of your day to make some money by doing exactly what you already do on the internet. College doesn’t pay your rent. They may put food in your stomach if you have a meal plan, but you still have to pay for it. The professors could care less whether they see your face or not, they still get paid. The security guards don’t even carry guns and you think you are secure and they still get paid whether you are secure or not. The president is sitting on probably $200,000+ from you, but who is paying you? Work Study? Now they are talking about paying the student athletes which I am 100% against because it’s not fair to students who are not athletes receiving the exact same education.  Look I can’t tell you how to think. You have to observe and realize a better outlook for yourself.

I challenge you to stretch your limitations. Tell yourslef the sky is no longer the limit because there are footsteps on the moon!

The ‘SECRET’ to success is not hard work or luck!! Never work for money. Make the money work for you.



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