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Oprah Understands Network Marketing. Do you?

“The Millionaire School Teacher” explains to Oprah why network marketing is the difference between a rich person’s mindset and a poor person’s mindset.

Never work for money. Make money work for you.



What do the rich teach their children that the poor and middle class do not?

Investments and Assets! There is a huge difference between investments and assets. Many people don’t even understand what either of these are because they were never introduced or even exposed to this vernacular. An ASSET is anything that you own. An INVESTMENT is an ASSET that you buy in hopes of generating an income (sort of like gambling lol)

Paul Roger took $300 and started his own home-based business. By doing this, he was able to gain control of his taxes and was able to buy more and more assets (which is what you want), then he flipped foreclosed houses.

There are two kinds of money problems: Not enough money and too much money. Giving money to a poor person is what keeps them poor. I think the main problem for poor families is that parents tell their kids to stop dreaming. Society wants us to work hard and do our best so that we can get a job we hate and work for someone else, struggling to pay bills, while the CEOs and Exec VP’s are living lavishly.

Society always tells us to go to college, get good grades, have good internships so we can get good jobs. Why? So that the world can chew us up and spit us right back out. 83 percent of all college students DO NOT have jobs lined up. So while we spend $50,000+ on college tuition, plus another $10,000 on food/meal plans, plus another $5,000+ on books, on top of another $12,000 on living expenses, how much are we getting paid in return? $0.00. WAKE UP! Almost every student goes to college right after high school and they choose a major that does not have a decent return on investment, but how would they know that? They are too busy feeding into what society says that college leads to more opportunities. What opportunities? Unemployment?

I’m not saying don’t go to college; I graduated college. I’m simply saying, while you are in college, take two hours out of your day to make some money by doing exactly what you already do on the internet. College doesn’t pay your rent. They may put food in your stomach if you have a meal plan, but you still have to pay for it. The professors could care less whether they see your face or not, they still get paid. The security guards don’t even carry guns and you think you are secure and they still get paid whether you are secure or not. The president is sitting on probably $200,000+ from you, but who is paying you? Work Study? Now they are talking about paying the student athletes which I am 100% against because it’s not fair to students who are not athletes receiving the exact same education.  Look I can’t tell you how to think. You have to observe and realize a better outlook for yourself.

I challenge you to stretch your limitations. Tell yourslef the sky is no longer the limit because there are footsteps on the moon!

The ‘SECRET’ to success is not hard work or luck!! Never work for money. Make the money work for you.



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