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Did You Launch Your Business or Did You Just Join a Company?

Hello there good people. I want to talk to the new network marketers out there. Some of you are cheating yourselves. You are not taking advantage of everything that is required of having a legitimate business online. Some of you are just sitting there, hoping that money is going to fall in your lap and you are thinking that you don’t have to do much of anything because your business is online. Well guess what, folks, you’re 100% WRONG!!!

Just because your business is online doesn’t mean that you should do less work than you would a regular job. The problem most new online marketers have is starting their business- getting their business off the ground. So the topic of discussion today is “Did you launch your business or did you just join a company?”

Now, everyone knows that there are a lot of MLM (multi- level marketing) companies out there that encourage new members to join. However, once that person joins the company, he/she does little or nothing until maybe the 25th of the month and then does 5 days worth of work and quits on the 30th day because they claim to have made no money. I call these type of people flippant and I have no sympathy for them. As an online marketer, I have heard every excuse in the book from my downlines of multiple companies. They are all the same:

“oh, i just don’t have time”

“everybody thinks it’s a scam”

“nobody wants to join”

“I don’t know how to sell”

“i don’t really like talking to people”

“if i have a home meeting, they might rob me”

STOP WITH THE EXCUSES ALREADY!! You need to gain some accountability and control over your situation. Hoping and praying that money will fall in your lap is almost impossible. “Faith without work is dead”- James 2:26. So if any of you are thinking about joining a company, there are a few things you need to remember and pass along to your downline.

Launch your business the correct way. You need to tell everyone about your business. When you join, most sponsors will tell you to make a list of your friends and family. But I would say that you need to make a list consisting of more people than that. Tell EVERYBODY  about your business. This is what you would consider your grand opening. See, if you were to start a ‘brick and mortar’ business such as a restaurant, you wouldn’t just tell your friends and family now would you? Of course not! At least I hope you wouldn’t. The key here is to act like the CEO of a million dollar company. Just because you may have paid a few dollars to join the company, doesn’t mean that you have to put a few dollars worth of work into the company. Launch parties are also good ideas. Now, this party doesn’t have to be the stuffy, boring, party where you invite friends over just to watch a lame video about the company you joined. BOOOOO!! That’s a quick way to turn your guests off. Instead, why don’t you have a themed grand opening party. Have Sangria Sundays or Latina Lunes, or Taco Tuesday, or Wild Wings Wednesday (Don’t steal my ideas- they are copywritten…I’m kidding lol) But just liven it up a bit and don’t make yourself seem so anxious to make money because people can sense the desperation.

Create some hours of operation. This is something that every business has, so why should you make an exception for your online business? Your hours don’t have to be “Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm” no. This is just a schedule for YOU! Choose your times wisely. Make note of when you are going to post on your social media sites. When are you going to blog? What days will you have your home meetings? When is your company’s next conference going to be? What time should you be on your company’s training calls? What days will you do webinars? Etc, etc, etc. Type your schedule out and hang it on your wall.

Understand that your business is going to have expenses. Referencing the ‘”Cashflow Quadrant” from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you are now on the right side of the quadrant and you are considered a business owner and an investor. People on the right side of that quadrant don’t complain about tiny costs, especially when they know that that tiny investment will potentially earn them millions. A broke person always asks, “How much is this going to COST me?” but entrepreneurs always ask, “how much is this going to MAKE me?” It is imperative that you start thinking like an entrepreneur or will fail!!!

Last. but not least, GOALS. You have to set up a forecast. If you can’t see where your business is going or where it’s going to be within the next year, why should anybody follow you? Why should anybody believe in you or what you are promoting? Set an example for your downline. If you choose to do a vlog challenge, let that very first video be your ‘why’. Let the world know why you decided to start your own business. And don’t just say its because you need money- duh! That’s just like going on an interview and giving that exact same stupid answer. Make your ‘why’ compelling because I’m pretty sure there are thousands of people that share your sentiments. Or maybe someone will want to live vicariously. Hey, give them a reason to want to walk in your shoes. Always remember that it’s not about you and it’s not about making money. It’s about helping others.

“You can have everything in life you want if you would just help enough other people get what they want”- Zig Ziglar