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Ways To Save Money While In College

Ways To Save Money While In College

OK guys. I want to tell you exactly how you can start saving money while in college. Now I know you’re young and you just want to be wild and free because you are away from your parents and you think you have no limitations. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but, your parents spend a hell of a lot of money to send you to college. All they want in return is to see their babies grow up and become independent, mature individuals who make smart and wise decisions. If you don’t know how to do this, I have specifically laid out a couple things you can do to start pleasing your parents who already have other important bills to worry about than your frivilous spending: Ok, here we go… ~If the city that your college is in has free things to do, TAKE ADVANTAGE! Often times, big cities such as New York, LA, Atlanta, DC, etc have public transportation. Don’t be afraid to ride the train, bus, or cab becasue that’s the best way to get to know your surroundings. My college was in DC and there were always ways to save money as a college student. My date nights were the best lol! We had the monuments downtown, the Smithsonian museums, the Cherry Blosom festival, White House tours, Washington Harbor, free concerts, celebrity events that I was more than delighted to volunteer,and the parks were actually scenic which made it fun to do any and everything there. So I guess I was lucky to have such a live college city lol   ~DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD! If you get a credit card and you start spending money that you don’t have, not only will you go into debt, but you will ruin your credit. NewsFlash: the average college graduate leaves college accumulating at least $40,000 in student loan debt which brings their credit score down to about 600 (poor). You don’t want to make your score worst buy spending money that you don’ty have especially if you do not have a source of income to pay it back.   ~Another way to save money while in college is to not buy books from the bookstore. Please listen to me! Understand that any college is a business and they want and need money from you. But realize that you are already paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition. Why the hell can’t you get your books for free? I had a course book that cost around $380. Do you think I paid that ridiculous price? Of course not lol. I went right to Amazon.com and got the exact same book for $35. Ok? Got it? Good 🙂   ~OK you also want to sign up for some rewards programs. Customer rewards programs are usually given by companies that offer discounts on items and send you emails when they have sales. My favorite customer rewards programs are Krogers and DSW. Now I used to work at both of these stores so back in the day, I was getting bookoos of discounts lol. For those of you who don’t know, Kroger is a grocery store, mostly found in the south and DSW stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse. Kroger sends coupons and ad papers to my house every week. Everytime I buy shoes at DSW i get 25% of or 50% off depending on the sale and I am a “Shoe Lover.” When I worked at DSW, I received these discounts on top of a 20% discount on top of clearance. One day I bought some badass heels that were $80 for only $18. OMG i miss working there. So you always want to become custom rewards members to save money.

~Most colleges have laundry rooms in the dorms. That’s cool but what if you have to pay for it and ou don’t have any change? Or maybe you do have change but you want to stretch your last dollars out for groceries? Buy a clothes rack- it shouldn’t be any more than $10. You can wash your clothes and save money by drying your clothes on the rack. GREAT way to save money while in college. This really helped me because my entire school was connected to my ID card (money, food, laundry, building access, etc). So if I didn’t use my last dollars on laundry, I had it for food.

~An article from www.thesimpledollar.com says that another way to save money is to establish a ten second rule while shopping. Whenever you are out shopping on a budget! whatever you have in your cart, you want to take ten seconds before checking out to really think about whether that item is something you need and absolutely have to have right now, or can you wait another week or two to get it. Make wise financial decisions.   ~Other ways to save money would be to clip coupons. Never consider yourself better than anybody just becasue they clip coupons. YOU SHOULD BE CLIPPING THEM TOO! You can save so much money on groceries and other products by doing this and it only takes a clip of some scissors. When you clip coupons, it also forces you to buy groceries which then also obligates you to dine at home. Make some home cooked meals for a change ( you know, if you can cook lol) Fast food restaurants can put you at high risk of becoming a part of the Freshmen 15 so you better watch out.

A few sites to get coupons from are:






~You always want to drink water no matter what. Even if you are out with friends. I know you are probably saying, “Kim, You are wack for this one” Well I want you to think about something… When you are at a restaurant and you order juice, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages, how much does it cost? between $3 to $10, right? How much is water? Free.99 (tap water of course) But you don’t have money for FIJI Water so we are not even going to go that route. Drinking water is a double whammy- you save money and you stay healthy.   ~Last but not least you want to join a really good internet business. A lot of these businesses have really great coupons, perks, and discounts upon joining. You really want to take advantage of those opportunities. Not only as a way to save money but a way to make money as well. Remember, you are a college student. How much time do you really think you will have for a job? 40hrs/wk?  30hrs/wk? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your college years and not have to worry about money? If there was a way for you to not have to study all night just to wake up early the next morning and go to work or sleep in on the weekends because Saturday and Sunday are the only days that you don’t have classes… wouldn’t you do it? WELL CHECK THIS OUT… Google is the number one search engine in the world, followed by Youtube, and then Facebook. How many hours a day are you on Facebook? How many times do you look up answers to your homework on Google? And how many videos go viral on youtube everyday?

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